Hey girl! So if you are confused with how the app works compared to our website, voguesocietyboutique.com -- let me explain!
  • Our app is ran off of a platform called CommentSold and our website is ran off of a platform called Shopify. While both of these platforms do integrate with one another, there are some ways in which not everything is compatible. Two of those things include:
    • GIFT CARDS/ STORE CREDIT: If you have a gift card, it will unfortunately only work on voguesocietyboutique.com and not on the app.
    • SELECT DISCOUNT CODES: If you have a discount code from a text, e-mail or reward points, those are all integrated on voguesocietyboutique.com 
    • We are working on trying to integrate these options to work seamlessly on both platforms but unfortunately, that's the best we can do at the moment.
  • The app is a great place to get fun deals, watch lives, etc. The website, voguesocietyboutique.com, is the best place to go if you are wanting to shop for something specific or use a discount!